Monday, January 5, 2015

Walk for Life West Coast Speaker in Life News

Today's Life News has the amazing story of  Rebekah Buell, who will be one of the speakers at the January 22 Walk for Life West Coast:

After Taking the Abortion Pill “I Knew I Made a Mistake,” Her Baby Was Saved When This Happened
Twenty year old Rebekah Buell never imagined that she would be a pro-life speaker. At only
seventeen years old, she became pregnant with her first child, and despite all odds, finished high school, married the baby’s father, and started a promising college education.

However, a few months later, after her marriage became troubled and she and her husband separated, she also found out she was pregnant again. Feeling ashamed, alone, and afraid of losing all she had worked for, she went to an abortion clinic and took the first part of the RU486 abortion pill.

Buell explains, “I instantly knew this was a mistake. I found Culture of Life Family Services and called the hotline. The nurse, Debbie Bradel calmed me down and literally saved my baby’s life by finding me the wonderful doctor that reversed the abortion pill. I truly believe God knew I was going to take that pill so he set many barriers that allowed my baby to reach 8 weeks so he could survive the pill. When I told Planned Parenthood I was not returning for them to check to make sure the fetus was ‘removed’ and explained what I planned to do, they told me it was dangerous and would result in my baby being born deformed, but I didn’t listen...."

Read the rest at Life News. And don't miss the Walk on January 22, 2015. You can learn more about the Walk here.

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