Friday, June 22, 2007

Death by Decree

Here’s a quote, from the Speaker of the House courtesy of California Catholic Daily:

“Tomorrow, with a single stroke of his cruel veto pen, President Bush will dash the hopes of millions of Americans seeking cures through the miracle of stem cell research,” wrote House Speaker Pelosi on June 19. In vetoing the bill, she continued, “the President will say ‘No’ to the more than 70 percent of Americans who support it, ‘No’ to our Democratic Congress' fight for progress, and ‘No’ to saving lives and to potential cures for diseases such as diabetes and Parkinson's. He will say ‘No’ to hope.”

If our Democratic Congress’ truly believes that the destruction of human embryos should be at the price of saving lives there’s something amiss about their moral values. But then we already knew that --proof again that the Democratic Party has become the Party of Death.

Nancy needs an ethics course. Won’t somebody help her?

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