Friday, June 8, 2007

Where are the Aces?

I read with great disappointment the letter that 7 Bishops’ Conferences sent to the G8 Leaders on May 31st. The letter was signed by the leaders of conferences in Germany, France, England, Japan, the Russian Federation, Canada, and United States. (Italy did not sign.)

The thousand word letter touched on many important issues, all politically correct, with a careful avoidance, it seemed to me, of anything that might be controversial:. “As you prepare to attend the G8 Summit in Germany, we write on behalf of the Bishops’ Conferences of our respective countries to urge you to take bold action on global poverty, health care, climate change and peace and security. We also urge you to work towards greater access to quality education for all.”

A fine beginning as a first statement!

More than one fourth of the letter went on to speak of Africa: education, HIV/AIDS prevention; and healthcare. Proper reference was made, of course, to global climate change and our concern thereof. Then special mention followed concerning Darfur and Sudan; the need to control arms dealing; the illegal exploitation of natural resources.

But as the cards were dealt, where were the Aces: life, marriage, family, and religious liberty?

No mention was made of abortion, same-sex marriages, and immigration problems.

“We urge you to take bold action on healthcare, global poverty, climate change…” say these bishops. Should they not have been more specific?

Peace and justice will come into our world when we all stand up for it in word and action, but it has to begin with respect for life and family.

I quote from John Henry Weston’s article in LifeSite of June 5th:

“What is not said to the G8, what our religious leaders need to stand up and tell them, is that the smallest, weakest, and most discriminated class of humanity - pre-born children - are being slaughtered in your countries and this crime against humanity must stop!

“When people speak out on the environment, poverty, health care, peace and security they are applauded and highly regarded. Raise the spectre of rights of the unborn and protection for the traditional family and you are regarded as a pariah and a simpleton.”

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Katherine said...

And from Rome, no better hand. Benedict XVI's statement to the G-8 (see Zenit for the full text) has the same flaw. Well, you can't say the national episcopal conferences are not supporting the example being set by the Pope. We must seriously wonder if the Pope's commitment to the pro-life cause is an iota better than any of these bishops