Friday, June 8, 2007

Why Don't Catholics vote as Catholics?

My great regret is the lack of knowledge of God in our society. Personally I find it hard to understand how anyone can believe that there is no God. Equally difficult for me to believe is how we can know God and ignore His precepts. And how sad that Catholics can claim the name and ignore the rules.

Unfortunately the “culture of death” syndrome has once again reared its ugly head. Our Catholic lawmakers were not there to stem the tide. Even though the human cloning bill was defeated in the house by a vote of 204-213, “The Stem-Cell Research Enhancement Act of 2007” was approved by the House 247-176.

Cardinal Justin Rigali of Philadelphia wrote a letter to congressmen: “Embryonic stem-cell research has been as disappointing in its results as it has been divisive to our society. Pursuit of this destructive research will almost certainly require you to embrace more and more egregious violation of moral norms in the effort to bring its ‘promise’ to fruition.”

Thanks be to God, our president has vowed to veto the bill saying: it “puts scientific research into conflict, rather than supporting a balanced approach that advocates scientific and medical frontiers without violating moral principles.”

If Catholic members of the Senate and Congressmen had voted with an understanding of the moral implications there would have been no contest—the “culture of life” would have triumphed!

We Catholics have to support Catholic principles and send Catholics to Washington who uphold them. It is not an “us” vs. “them” issue; it’s a matter of life and death; It’s upholding the great American principle: “Life, Liberty and The Pursuit of Happiness.”

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