Saturday, June 23, 2007

The Price is Heavy

There's a bill headed for the governor's desk this week as one more State seeks to eliminate the statue of limitations for civil suits in child sexual abuse cases.

Once again the statute of limitation is front and forward in legislation attempts to strike the Catholic Church. This statement would be bitterly denied by the law makers of Delaware who seek to heal the wounds of innocents sexually abused. It’s not just for the Catholic Church, but for children who were ”in private institutions or in private settings.”

Now the door is open to old allegations. With its two year window for filing, the courts could hear old abuse claims, which were previously barred. It places no time limit on the age of the claims going back fifty years and more!

Public schools, even though abuse is many times greater than in private schools, are exempted once again. Private schools, especially Catholic schools and parishes will pay the price.

Trial lawyers rejoice; here’s another opportunity to fill your pockets!


Anonymous said...

Hello, Father. Just found your blog via "LA Catholic." Keep up the great work!
-Benedicamus Domino

Anonymous said...

God bless, Father (from Ireland)

p.s. I found your blog through dailyestimate via Catholic Cavemen via Fr Zuhlsdorf. Will be visiting again.

Anonymous said...

As you reap so shall you sow. If Catholics had been more vigilant and more willing to condemn the compromisers and meddlers 20,30,40 years ago then this situation would be nothing like as bad as it is today. We haven't rendered to God what belongs to God in the last 50 years so we can hardly complain when Caesar takes his share.

Anonymous said...

God has no time; why should we? If priests are truly innocent, they shouldn't fear a statute of limitations. Sorry, Father.

God Bless.

Fr. John Malloy, SDB said...

Statute of limitations:
I don't fear a statute of limitations, but why is it just for priests and religious? Why not doctors and lawyers and public school teachers, etc. all of whom have far larger numbers of abusers than priests and religious?
And are there no limits?

Also it is a threat for Church: even after 50-60 years one can be accused. guilty or not, and the accuser can seek $1,000,000 from the Church!
A priest (or religious) today is a phone call away from being forced out of the ministry, and is guilty until proven innocent.
Fr. Malloy