Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Homosexuality for Sale

Here's how it's done in America, especially in San Francisco:

SELLING HOMOSEXUALITY IN AMERICA . . . The homosexual lobby or elite in this country has a sophisticated, effective program to change the way Americans think about sodomy and perverted sex.

From an article in Homelitic & Pastoral Review:
Fr. Val J. Peter, moral theologian and Executive Director Emeritus of Fr. Flanagan’s Boys’ Home in Nebraska, explains how the program works and how successful it has been in blunting any opposition to homosexual activity.

The first phase is desensitization by presenting homosexuals as normal, good people.

The second phase is “jamming,” that is, psychological terrorism against those who oppose them (calling them homophobic, bigots, etc.).

The third phase is conversion and acceptance. And it all takes place without people realizing what is happening to them.

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