Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Adult Stem-Cell UPDATE: Al Gore gets on Board.

Evan Al Gore gets it...at least when there is money involved.

From USA Today:

"Former vice president Al Gore is entering the stem cell arena with an announcement today of a $20 million biotech venture in the hot area of "induced pluripotent" stem cells.

Induced cells are attracting interest from researchers and biotech firms as an alternative to embryonic stem cells. Induced cells are made by inserting four genes into ordinary skin cells, and they offer a new path for "regenerative" medical treatments."

It's certainly not a moral issue with these guys. They don't invest in embryonic stem-cell research beacuse they don't think it will work.

It's been one of our mantras here at "A Shepherd's Voice:" Are California voters having second thoughts yet about shelling out $3 billion + for immoral & unproven embryonic stem cell research, which has yet to show a single cure, while adult stem cells are curing people left and right?

Posted by Gibbons J. Cooney

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