Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Oakland's New Bishop Visited Rev. Hoye in Jail

Now there's a Bishop!

Today's Contra Costa Times reports that Oakland's new Bishop, Salvatore Cordileone visited the heroic Reverend Walter Hoye in jail this past Saturday:

"In jail, he (Rev. Hoye) ran bible study groups, counseled other inmates and "led six men to Christ," said his wife, Lori. He also received a visitor Saturday: Salvatore Joseph Cordileone, the Diocese of Oakland's bishop-designate.

"He visited Walter Hoye because he respects Hoye's affirmation of the value of human life," said Diocese spokesman Mike Brown, who declined to say whether Cordileone approved of Hoye's tactics.

Now there's some Catholic leadership!

And for a nice personal account from another person who visited Walter this past weekend, go here.

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