Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Lila Rose v. the Culture of Death

The young activist from is getting under their skin!

Abortion supporter Bonnie Erbe is fit to be tied:

"After posting these videos (of Planned Parenthood employees refusing to obey laws requiring the reporting of statutory rape to the proper authorities) on YouTube and campaigning with them throughout the netherworld of the antiabortion movement, Lila Rose has succeeded in getting state and local governments to cut of hundreds of thousands of dollars in funding to Planned Parenthood clinics. She has also created a public relations nightmare for the group."

From a recent LiveAction press release:

"Rose commends the Tennessee state lawmakers, led by Senate Speaker Ron Ramsey and Sen. Jack Johnson, who have questioned the state's over $700,000 funding of Planned Parenthood. 'Why would citizens tolerate paying the bills of an organization that protects statutory rapists and victimizes young girls? This is the sad result of the careless abortion-first mentality that has persisted at Planned Parenthood for decades.'"

Why indeed?

God Bless the young lady!

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