Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Just a little note from Austria:

There is always HOPE. May the Easter message increase our hope and faith in the gift God has given us.

A response to: Poll: Most Americans Celebrate Easter

Thanks. It is encouraging for many of us Christians in Europe to read the results of such polls coming from the USA. Although I do not have official polls of service attendance during the Easter holidays from Austria, I do not think that so much as we have seen in America would be attending this time. My parish belongs to those where attendance of services on such feasts is large, but the attendance is never more than 40% on its strongest day, the Easter Vigil. There is a very strong wind of secularism in Europe now fueled by nonbelievers and menacing public media that is getting ever-stronger, lacking respect, and critical of Christianity, especially Catholics.It is really nice to read that people in the USA are not so "faithless" as the media in Austria would want us to believe.

Thanks a lot.
Nikolas O. Abazie, Austria

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