Tuesday, April 21, 2009

"Exposing Abortion" Conference at UC Berkeley

Our good friend the Reverend Walter Hoye will join other pro-life heroes at Live Action's Exposing Abortion Conference this Saturday, April 25, at the Lippman Room of Barrows Hall on UC's Berkeley campus.

Other guests will include Greg Cunningham, The Center for Bioethical Reform; Kristan Hawkins, Students for Life of America; Dr. Linda Haldeman, Healthcare Policy Advisor in the California Center; Abortion survivor Gianna Jensen; and Lila Rose of Live Action.

You can find out everything about the conference by going to the Live Action website.

UC Berkeley might sound like going into the lion's den, but since Walter just spent three weeks in jail for exercising his Constitutional rights, and Lila is always taking on the Temples of Moloch known as Planned Parenthood, and abortionists already tried to kill Gianna once, I doubt they're worried.


Anonymous said...

Shadrack, Misrack and Abdenego perhaps?

Anonymous said...

Good for them!