Sunday, April 19, 2009

Defending Marriage in New Hampshire

There is an excellent column in today's "Manchester Union-Leader" by Joseph McQuaid:

"The Fantasy of Gay Marriage"

"You really can't have 'gay marriage,' you know, irrespective of what a court or a legislature may say.

You can have something some people call gay marriage, because to them the idea sounds worthy and necessary, but to say a thing is other than it is, is to stand reality on its head, hoping to shake out its pockets.

Such is the supposed effect of the Iowa Supreme Court's declaration this month that gays and heterosexuals enjoy equal rights to marital bliss. Nope. They don't and won't, even if liberal Vermont follows Iowa's lead.....

"One can say without too much fear of contradiction that people who set themselves up as the sovereign arbiters of reality are -- would "nutty" be the word?"

It would. We have commented on the rejection of reality underlying the push for same-sex "marriage" here, here, and here.

Meanwhile, columnist Frank Rich over at the New York Times says anyone opposed to same-sex "marriage" is a bigot.

That made us think of our post of December 29, 2008, on the outrageous going-away party for departing Catholic Charities Executive Director Brian Cahill. One of the speakers at the event was openly homosexual San Francisco Supervisor Bevan Dufty. Certainly Dufty is for same-sex "marriage"--but we noticed that when he and a "lesbian" woman had a child together, via artificial insemination, they decided to live together and are raising the little girl together. I guess this means he thinks it best for a child to be brought up by his or her parents, who are, and always will be, a man and a woman. As we said at the time this makes him a bigot, too. Welcome to the club, Bevan— “Bigots for Reality!”

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