Thursday, August 13, 2009

California Same Sex "Marriage" Activists Target Maine

No surprise, we were expecting it. From today's Bay Area Reporter, (notable for carrying ads for San Francisco's adoption agency in its sadomasochism section):

"Bay Area LGBTs pitch in to help Maine in marriage fight

As same-sex couples in Maine face the prospect of losing marriage equality, some volunteers in California are coming to their aid.

In May, Maine became the fifth state to legalize same-sex marriage. But a proposed "people's veto" vote in November could result in the law's undoing....

In Silicon Valley, some volunteers are already working to help defeat the proposed veto.

Greg Belaus, 43, who lives in Santa Clara and married Mark Hatfield last year, said that over three phone banks, Silicon Valley callers have made almost 1,000 calls altogether and had 300 conversations. So far, they've been contacting people in Oxford County, Maine, which he said is a fairly conservative and older area of the state.

Marriage Equality Silicon Valley and the Santa Clara County chapter of the Courage Campaign have organized the phone banking. Belaus said that from five to 10 people have been involved in each of the phone banks, which are open to anyone."

Full article is here.

We were certain that California homosexual activists would be helping to try and defeat the Maine Campaign to protect marriage and the family. That's why we have the link at the top of our right sidebar to "Stand for Marriage Maine."

Posted by Gibbons J. Cooney


Greg said...

Thanks for posting, but there is no need to put the word marriage in quotes. We are legally married and hope that everyone nationwide will eventually have the same opportunity that we have been afforded.

Gibbons in SF said...


The law is not the arbiter of reality. If you're saying you are in some sort of legally approved partnership with another man, that's not marriage.