Tuesday, August 11, 2009

When Nancy Pelosi Calls you Un-American...

...remember what district she represents: one whose city government thinks it is a good idea to look for adoptive "dads" on the s/m webpage of a homosexually-oriented online newspaper.

From today's California Catholic Daily:

"Adoptive Dads Sought on S/M Webpage
SF City-Funded Adoption Agency Advertises with “Mister Marcus”

AdoptionSF.org, a joint project of the City of San Francisco’s Human Services Agency and Family Builders by Adoption is advertising for adoptive parents on the “Mister Marcus” page of San Francisco’s Bay Area Reporter website. The Reporter’s front page motto is “Serving the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender community since 1971.”

“Mister Marcus” publishes a weekly column in the Reporter which covers and publicizes upcoming “leather” events. Examples include: “A weekend of bdsm activity and featuring NW Master and slave contest on Sat. night” (July 2, 2009) and “Hell Hole Fisting Party tonight upstairs at Mister S playroom from 2000 to 0200 next morning” (April 16, 2009)...."

Emphasis added. It sounds unbelievable but it is quite true. Beacuse the ads rotate, you may not see the AdoptionSF ad at first, but it will appear. Or just hit your "refresh" button a few times.

Read the whole story here.

Readers of "A Shepherd's Voice" will quickly recognize "Family Builders By Adoption" as the adoptions organization that Catholic Charities of San Francisco partnered up with back in 2006. That partnership ended in June 2006, although the CCCYO Adoptions page still links to Family Builders.

UPDATE: The CCCYO Adoptions page with the link to Family Builders is now down. Thank heavens.

There's a good lesson here about keeping bad company.

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