Friday, August 28, 2009

JP II: So Good to Remember!

Brad Miner has a good column today over at "The Catholic Thing."

"Head Chef in the Cafeteria" is about the career and death of Senator Ted Kennedy. Miner fondly remembers John Paul the Great's visit to Nicaragua in 1983, and how he responded to the liberation theologian/priest/Sandanista Minister of Culture, Ernesto Cardenal, when Cardenal attempted to kiss his ring:

Time magazine reported:

"When Ernesto Cardenal Martinez, a Roman Catholic priest who also serves as Minister of Culture in Nicaragua's Marxist government, knelt to receive the Pope's blessing, John Paul wagged his finger in Cardenal's face and chided him, "You must straighten out your position with the church."

Miner closes his column with:

"It’s a pleasant image made painful by my inability to recall any American Catholic priest, bishop, archbishop, or cardinal ever publicly scolding Ted Kennedy.

That said, may he rest in peace."

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