Thursday, August 27, 2009

Hillary Clinton on Sex-Selective Abortions

Excellent expose of the "pro-choice" position's incompatiblity with reason over at "The Curt Jester." The post is called:

"But why is she against it?"

Jeff starts by quoting a Life News article:

"Washington, DC ( -- Secretary of State Hillary Clinton recently told the New York Times that she opposes sex-selection abortions and is working to do more the combat them."

Jeff then says:

"As you would expect the NYT does not have a follow up question in regards to sex-selection abortion. No question as to how if abortion is a "right" then how does doing it because of the sex of the child then make it a problem....Does the women have a so-called choice just as long as the reason is not sex-selection?"

The combox is good, too:

"Imagine the leaders of these sex-selecting countries retorting, "Every woman a planned and wanted woman."


Anonymous said...

Father I enjoyed Jeff Miller's article as well. So much so that I took the liberty of adapting a bit of it to my own observations...

[As to the Church's view on 7 to 13 million yearly abortion in China alone...]
I question as to how if abortion is "murder" then how does the practice of PROMOTING abortion in China for the "quality of the citizenry" not seem as so much of a problem? Either it is genocide or it is not. The location of an abortion and nationality of the baby would not matter. Is Chinese leadership free from strong Vatican criticism as long as the reason is not the much discussed obstruction of freedoms for bishops and priests? As is always the case the defenders of human life are inconsistent. They will talk about ending abortion but never explaining under their philosophy why some lives are more worth saving then others.

Anonymous said...

More food for thought...

"How is our involvement in the implementation of the Chinese government's policies on forced abortion and sterilization not formal, or even material, cooperation with evil?"