Friday, August 14, 2009

Crossroads Kids Reach Their Destination!

God Bless 'em! From LifeNews :

Pro-Life College Students Meet in Washington After Nationwide Walk on Abortion

"Three groups of pro-life college students will converge in the nation's capital on Saturday after spending months in a cross-country walking trip to bring awareness about the horrors of abortion. This weekend, 40 young people walking with the pro-life group Crossroads, will conclude their journey.

The students encountered a warm welcome and outpouring of support from pro-life Americans as they passed through 36 states, thousands of municipalities, towns and cities, and logged 10,000 miles collectively during the summer pilgrimage."

They also encountered taxpayer-funded obstruction, while trying to cross Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado::

"Three female walkers were stopped immediately before entering the park by a male ranger who said they would not be permitted to continue unless they changed out of their pro-life t- shirts. The shirts are solid colors with the words "Pro- Life" emblazoned on the front.

Nolan said the ranger said pro-abortion people in the park might find the shirts offensive.

After getting legal help, the walkers were eventually allowed to continue. "

Typical: you have to pay a lawyer to battle obstruction by your government (whom you are also paying) to cross land belonging to you. Think about that if you are considering supporting government healthcare. That bum of a ranger ought to be fired.

Anyway, here are two of the crossroads walkers before they set out, when they visited us at Saints Peter and Paul on May 24. That's Fr. Armand Oliveri with them.

God Bless 'em again!

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Brendan said...

God Bless them indeed! What a great thing to see younger adults doing.