Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Marriage Victory in California!

Not all votes are in, but it's a win. Proposition 8 leads decisively by 4% with 95% of precincts reporting. Supporters of same-sex "marriage" have maintained their perfect record at the polls: zero victories whenever the people have a chance to have their say.

Despite having the Supreme Court of the State of California dream up some illusory right for persons of the same-sex to "marry," despite having Attorney General Jerry Brown change the wording of the proposition in order to benefit their side, despite an historic night by the most radical leftist candidate ever to run for President in the history of the United States, they still lost. And not only in California, but even more convincingly in Florida and Arizona as well.

And if the people of Massachusetts (and now Connecticut) are ever allowed to vote on this issue, natural marriage will be upheld there, too. Proposition 8 was not about same-sex "marriage"--it was about marriage, period. It not only prevents same-sex couples "marrying," but also polygamous/polyandrous "marriages" as well. It defends natural marriage. This is victory for the common good.

But remember: in their ruling, the California Supreme Court described homosexuals as a "suspect class" therefore entitled to the "strict scrutiny" standard under the law. Look for many attacks on the Catholic Church and schools/other organizations in the months and years ahead.


Anonymous said...

This is a minor victory. Once Obama gets two, or even one appointment to the Supreme Court, I 100% guarantee the Court will declare gay marriage a constitutional right. The will use the 14th amendment as justification, saying the equal protection clause requires equality in marriage. The Hard Left is in command now, and democracy will take a back seat to an oligarchic court system.

Anonymous said...

I disagree. This was not a battle against something that MIGHT happen (which is what you are describing) but a battle against something that was an existing reality--same-sex "marriage" imposed on the people by the California Supreme court.

If what you describe (which is exactly what was defeated yesterday in the state of California--court imposed same-sex "marriage") comes to pass, we will fight that too, with the Federal Marriage Amendment.

Gibbons in SF

Catherine of Siena said...


Thank you Fr. and Gibbons for all your hard work!

God bless!

Anonymous said...

I dunno, Gibbons, maybe I am just depressed after the Obama win... But it is a certainty, not a possibility, that the other side will not give up on this. A. Legally, the next step is the federal court system and a challenge under the federal constitution. B. Obama is certain, with the Senate under Democratic control, to appoint ultra-leftist justices. It is not certain, but almost certain, that he will have at least one such appointment. C. Recent decisions on social issues have been going 5-4 in favor of conservatives. That's why I said it was guaranteed gay marriage would be declared a US constitutional right. Maybe 100% is an exaggeration, but 99% is not that different.

Of course we shouldn't give up and should fight that battle when it comes. But passing a federal constitutional amendment is a very different ballgame from a state ballot measure. And to do so without the support of the Congress is nearly impossible. But, hey, let's enjoy the fact that no more first-graders will be dragged to gay weddings--while it lasts.

Anonymous said...

Agreed that they will not give up. And don't think I'm taking your analysis lightly. But yesterday, same-sex "marriage" was legal in California. Today, it's not.

One victory for civilization at a time!

Gibbons in SF

Anonymous said...

I hate to break it to everyone, but legally, the proposition IS and WAS unconstitutional. The Supreme Court has decided previously to the vote. It is comparable to a proposition asking for the reinstatement of slavery

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous November 12,

Not at all. Proposition 8 is not at all comparable to an amendment that would reinstate slavery. Slavery denies people natural rights--where to travel, where to live, how to make a living, whom to live with. Proposition 8 denies no one their natural rights. Any same-sex attracted person still has all the natural rights cited above, including the right to spend their life with the person of their choosing. There are even domestic parternership laws that codify important aspects of that relationship.

What Proposition 8 is about is marriage. Living with whomever one wishes is a natural right. But having society recognize that relationship as marriage is something to be decided by the society.

You might as well say that denying an illegal immigrant the "right" to vote is an unconstitutional denial of voting rights. No, voting rights are still intact and respected--they just don't extend to illegal immigrants.

Gibbons in SF