Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Set them free!

Enough is enough! With less than two months left before he leaves office, time is running out for President Bush to free two imprisoned American heroes, Border Patrol Agents Jose Compean and Ignacio Ramos!

The Washington Times had hard words for President Bush: "It's both baffling and disappointing that President Bush has not already pardoned two U.S. Border Patrol agents imprisoned since 2007... Time is running out for Mr. Bush to act to correct what one Congressman [Rep. Dana Rohrabacher] calls 'the worst miscarriage of justice that I have witnessed in the 30 years I've been in Washington.'"

The Times also called President Bush's failure to act, "blindness." Congressman Tom Tancredo recently wrote: "These are the kinds of men whose government failed and destroyed them - all while they were serving a cause greater than themselves. These men deserve justice. I, and many other members of Congress, have repeatedly called upon President Bush to exercise his power to pardon - but he has not done so.” There are many who believe that Agents Compean and Ramos were wrongfully prosecuted.

Congressman Ed Royce stated: “Ramos and Compean have been living in the torture of solitary confinement for almost two years for something they never should have been prosecuted for in the first place. We are pleading with the Pardon Attorney to make a favorable recommendation of commutation to the President so he can finally do the right thing by these men and their families." But, as Royce's statement indicates, there is hope for Compean and Ramos. Apparently the commutation of their sentences is presently under consideration.

According to CNSNews: "The case is now before the DOJ’s Pardon Attorney Donald Rodgers. The Office of Pardon Attorney works in consultation with the attorney general’s office to assist the president, who has sole power of clemency in federal cases under the Constitution." More details however, are not available. According to CNSNews , the Justice Department is not responding to inquiries and the White House refuses to comment on the matter: At a recent press briefing, White House Press Secretary Dana Perino stated: “We never comment on pardons or people who are eligible to apply for a pardon. That goes to the Office of Pardon Attorney at the Department of Justice, and we don’t comment on those deliberations.”

Compean and Ramos are running out of time! It is NOW or NEVER when it comes to securing the release of Mr. President... Free These Border Agents NOW!

There are numerous other problems that we can point to about how the prosecution and sentencing of these two brave Border Patrol Agents stunk from the get-go. Not the least of which was the fact that nearly the entire prosecution by our government of Ramos and Compean was based on the perjured testimony of an illegal alien drug smuggler who received immunity in return for his testimony.

As Congressman Ted Poe told the Daily Bulletin: “When you give deals to witnesses like immunity, the government usually gets the testimony (it wants)… This case is a perfect example.” As time goes by – as Agents Compean and Ramos sit in federal prisons for attempting to do their jobs by securing the border against illegal alien drug smugglers – more and more information comes to light about this travesty of justice.

That may be why Congressman Dana Rohrabacher said: “The Ramos and Compean case is the worst miscarriage of justice that I have witnessed in the 30 years I have been in Washington.” So much so that more than 100 Members of Congress have co-sponsored a resolution calling for Ramos and Compean to be freed. It makes no sense to let these brave Border Patrol Agents spend even one more day in prison. these brave former Border Agents. Now may be your last chance to make your voice heard!

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Ramos and Compean are good men who were framed for doing their job as American lawmen. Father Malloy is right in challenging President Bush to free them! I too have been trying to do my part as "Joan of America" in my hometown of Dallas, TX: