Friday, November 14, 2008

Translating the SF Chronicle into English

This excerpt from an article in the San Francisco Chronicle, along with the sender's translation, was sent to us by a friend:

"'In San Francisco, the more white people living in a precinct, the more likely it was to vote against the proposition. The opposite was true for precincts with many Asian or African American residents. Voters ages 18 to 29 were overwhelmingly against the measure, while those older 60 were overwhelmingly for it. And those with only a high school education mostly voted for the measure, while those who graduated from college were largely against it.'"

Translation: decadent upper middle class white liberals, young angry kids from broken homes, and graduates of colleges that engage in post-modernist indoctrination voted No on Prop 8. Normal working class people, religious people, and people who grew up the American culture before the 1960's generation virtually destroyed it, voted Yes.'"

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Anonymous said...

Fr. Malloy, I think you are the only person left who reads that rag.