Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Next Battle: The "Freedom of Choice Act"

Senator Obama has pledged, as his first act in office, to sign FOCA, the Freedom of Choice Act.

FOCA will undo every bit of pro-life legislation since Roe v. Wade. You can read the bill here.

Here is an excerpt of an interview by Fr. Thomas Berg with Susan Willis, Assistant Director for Education and Outreach at the Committee on Pro-Life activities of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops:

"FOCA would call into question virtually every abortion-related state and federal law currently in force.

It would immediately supersede every federal law, such as the partial-birth abortion ban, restrictions on federal funding of abortion through Medicaid, and the ban on abortions in military hospitals.

On the authority of FOCA, state laws protecting the lives of unborn children and their mothers could be immediately unenforceable.

All the modest and reasonable state laws of the past 35 years (which have also been successful in reducing abortions) would fall to legal challenges based on FOCA.

These include the following laws: protecting parental rights to be involved in an abortion decision, ensuring informed consent, regulating abortion clinic “safety,” protecting the conscience rights of doctors, nurses and hospitals to not be involved in abortion, and protecting women from non-physician abortionists among others.

Significantly, taxpayers could also be forced to fund abortions for the uninsured."

Most of our bishops have stood up admirably against the holocaust of abortion in this past election. They must be even more faithful when FOCA comes up for a vote in Congress in 2009.


Anonymous said...

May God have mercy on us all. The slaughter of innocents will continue unabated. How sick we are that over a million human beings are slaughtered every year and we just ignore the violence because it is done in the privacy of doctor's office. During the French Revolution, mass executions were carried out in public, in full view of the people. I think, in a way, they were less sick than we are, we who have perfected the killing of human beings on a scale that would make Joseph Guillotine envious, and yet do so hidden under the aegis of "privacy" and "choice". I can hear the screams of the innocent victims of Obama's coming presidency, and it is terrifying.

Anonymous said...

A loving GOD would not force a woman to carry a pregnancy to term if it was not her wish to do so. Even Mary gave her consent to the pregnancy of Jesus. The angel Gabriel came to ask her and she agreed. Pro-life Christians are forgetting an important aspect of the origin of Jesus. All women have the right to choose, and God will not judge negatively a women who decides that she is not ready. However, according to the Bible, God will judge those who judge others harshly. Religious leaders in the pro-life movement have failed their congregations in demonizing choice. It is between a woman and God when it comes down to the end. Each woman knows when she feels ready to have a child. She should trust herself and her higher power in that regard.

Anonymous said...

To Sagefemme.. while a loving GOD would not force a woman to carry a pregnancy to term if it was not her wish, let's not forget that a good portion of the unwanted pregnancies are not the product of rape, incest, etc. Most ppl get pregnant because they forgot to use a condom, take birth control, etc. It's EASY for a woman to not get pregnant--don't have sex. Abstinence. Guaranteed. The freedom of choice act will allow partial birth abortions. Do you know HOW they do partial birth abortions? They slit the back side of the head of the fetus and suck out the brain (or burn the fetus alive with saline injection)...on top of that, FOCA will rob doctors and nurses the right to REFUSE abortions. Unless it's rape, women do have a choice from the start. Not ready for a child? Don't have sex. Ready for a child? Have sex. There you go.