Saturday, January 31, 2009

Catholic Michael Steele New Republican Chair

Thomas Peters at American Papist is impressed. He reports Steele studied for three years in a seminary, before choosing a career in law.

Catholic News Agency says Deal Hudson likes him:

"Deal Hudson, a Catholic political commentator, explained that he first became convinced of Steele's pro-life convictions by a 2003 meeting he invited Steele to with the U.S. Catholic bishops' executive committee.

According to Hudson, Steele spoke 'very directly, but diplomatically, to the bishops about their need to promote the pro-life cause with greater vigor. He talked about his disappointment with their leadership and its consequences among the African-American community. When he finished talking there was a powerful silence in the room.'"

If that's true, I like him too!

But in a Meet the Press interview he waffled a lot on Roe v. Wade. Of course, he is a politician.

Steele defended natural marriage while Lieutenant Governor in the state of Maryland. Southern Voice, who does not like him, reports:

At a rally, he (Steele) asserted, oddly, that, “marriage is not a purely human institution.”

That's the kind of "oddness" I like.

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