Sunday, January 25, 2009

Walk for Life West Coast 2009!!!!!!

Over 32,000 rallied and marched in loving witness for the unborn and defenseless. In five short years, this is the largest annual demonstration in San Francisco

Photos Courtesy Darwin Sayo

The Walk for Life West Coast 2009 was a smashing success. I've been to all of the other West Coast Walks (except one) and this was definitely the biggest. Smallest number of counter-protestors, too. The cross section of people is amazing: every race, religion and age under the sun. It's the real America.

At Saints Peter and Paul, we had seven separate groups (totalling about 300 young people) staying with us. Housing visiting young people for the Walk is a tradition begun by Fr. Malloy and continued with our good current Pastor, Fr. John Itzaina. The groups came from Northern and Southern California, Oregon, Wyoming, and New Mexico. We also had all night adoration the night before the Walk. Nothing better than seeing a Church full of praying teenagers at about 1:30 AM!

God Bless the organizers and volunteers, the Bishops and speakers, and all who came. More later.

Online photos/video can be found here:

More later!!

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Thank you for the link to my site. I spent some time reading and enjoying your blog.....It is very good.

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