Sunday, January 4, 2009

Most Holy Redeemer Pastor Sympathizes with Prop. 8 Vandals--Just Sorry They Picked His Church.

Most Holy Redeemer Church over in the Castro was vandalized last night. The vandals spray-painted "Ratzinger, Niederauer, Where is the love?" with swastikas, on the property. KCBS radio covered the story--you can listen here.

And here's an amazing quote from the story on the KCBS website:

"Pastor Steve Meriweather told KCBS his parishioners actually share the vandals' sentiment against Prop 8. 'I think it's unfortunate that they selected our community to attack,' said Meriweather, 'because it's the wrong one."'

Meaning there are other, right places to attack? Quite the spiritual director is Fr. Meriwether.

But one can see his point. Since 1982, when Fr. Tony McGuire was installed, Most Holy Redeemer has steadily changed itself from a Catholic Church into a spiritual institution whose orienting principle is the celebration of homosexuality. (Go here.) It's no longer recognizably Catholic--so why is it being attacked for positions the Catholic Church takes?

So one can understand Fr. Meriwether's peevishness--I mean, here's a picture of one of his Eucharistic Ministers posing with his "husband" in the nave of the church:

And below is a photo (courtesy Most Holy Redeemer website) of Archbishop Niederauer's visit back in October, 2007. That's the Mass that was disrupted by the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. But what this picture shows is: why worry about the "Sisters" in the pews when you've got two open lesbians and a leather daddy on the altar? Our Archbishop is surrounded and he doesn't even know it. Or maybe he does know it, and realizes how much the good word is needed.

In the picture you see four altar servers in white. The lady with the candle and the lady in the background (whose head is behind the candle the first lady is holding) have both "married" persons of the same sex, according to published reports. And (caution: adults only) the big guy in the back (bald head above first lady) is the Master of Ceremonies--he's a well-known attendee at public leather s/m events. He was even honest enough to complain in a letter to the editor about KRON-TV's coverage of the 2007 "Gay Pride" parade--because they did not give enough coverage to the "leather" community, to what he called "his" community! He also happens to be the coordinator of the parish's Liturgy Planning Group.

So one can understand Fr. Meriwether's surprise and chagrin at "his" church being attacked. He's got seven (at least) lectors, acolytes, and/or Eucharistic Ministers on staff who have "married" persons of the same-sex and at least five current and former Pastoral Council members who donated to the "No on Proposition 8 Campaign."

I mean, what more does he need to do to prove his credibility to the gay community?

Posted by Gibbons J. Cooney


Andrey Ortiz said...
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Andrey Ortiz said...

A Shepherd's Voice? A Pharisees' Voice perhaps.

Some Catholics should stop being so critical of Jesus and start living His Word.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Andrey, are you talking about the Jesus who said you commit adultery in the heart if you even look at another with lust? Or maybe the Jesus who told the woman committing adultery to go her way and sin no more? Or maybe you mean the Jesus who said, "If you love me, keep my commandments."

Sin kills the soul. Those who love their brothers and sisters call them to repentance. It's a spiritual work of mercy -- to admonish the sinner.

I'm spiritually adopting all these folks today and offering my rosaries for them for the next month. Our lady is the model of purity. She also models better than anyone Christ's love for the lost sheep. Our Lady of America, model of purity, pray for us.

Anonymous said...

"A Shepherd's Voice? A Pharisees' (sic) Voice perhaps."

I'm not sure I understand this accusation. The Pharisees were guilty of displaying the external signs of worship without true interior faith. Isn't this exactly what a gay bondage "leather daddy" who serves at Mass is doing?

Anonymous said...

We have feral parishes
like this in Australia.
They are in the process of being excommunicated.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Cooney, I lived for thirty years in the homosexual world before I came back to the Church. When I was in the process of deciding whether I could accept what the Church teaches on homosexuality I realized that I had made it my own god, and just as St. Paul says, all sin is form of idolatry. But there does seem to be something more idolatrous about homosexuality. Perhaps it's because it is not just a single act of sin, or even a whole series of acts that are sins. After all, an alcoholic indulges his sin all the time, yet alcoholism, though a form of idolatry, does not become a religion in the same way that homosexuality does. Maybe it's because that alcoholics and other sinners do not convert their behaviors into something to be praised. Anyways, I'd like to know what I can do to reach out to the community of people with SSA? I already write on-line a fair amount. But where else do you think I could be helping people who are trapped in this death-style?

Anonymous said...

Try the following

Exodus International


Courage Apostolate

Joe of St. Thérèse said...

In their eyes tolerance is a one way street.

Anonymous said...

The tone of this blog post really bothers me. It seems lacking in love towards a group of people who have struggled in ways that the majority of us have not. If I were a gay person reading this post, I think it would be one more reason for me to feel that the Catholic Church had no place for me.

Anonymous said...

Which part of the post really bothers you?