Friday, January 23, 2009

Live from the Oakland March for Life-UPDATE

Go to to follow along live as the good Reverend Walter Hoye leads us in defense of the unborn!

UPDATE: It was great! Good Reverend Walter Hoye led us, we had great speeches by Karen Shablin, Craig Deluz, and Pastor Clenard Childress was on fire! Jocelyn Golden was there too and led us in song throughout the march. God bless them all and all who came.
Here are some photos:

That's Reverend Hoye, and Walk for Life West Coast Co-Chairwoman Dolores Meehan before the March.

The Good Sisters were there!

Witnessing for life in the streets of Oakland:

God Bless everyone who came, and thanks to Reverend Walter Hoye who made it all possible! We'll post more photos as we get them.

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Anonymous said...

God bless these people, as they demonstrate for life on the same day that President Obama praised Roe v Wade and reversed the Mexico City policy. Yet . . .

We should not vilify Obama but pray for his conversion. The Lord instructed us to pray for our enemies and those who persecute us.
The pro-life movement should have a more ambitious goal that simply ending abortion. That goal should be the conversion of Obama and other "pro-choice" democrats, and more than that, for the conversion of the people of the United States. The politicians are just chameleons, reflecting what is in the hearts of most of their constituents.

That said, there is plenty of historical precedent for mass conversions: the people of Russia, brought into the Orthodox church by Prince Vladimir of Kiev after his marriage to a Byzantine princess; the people of much of the Roman empire after the Emperor Constantine ended Diocletian's great persecution; the people of Mexico after the Theotokos appeared to St. Juan Diego; the people of Ireland, by St. Patrick; the role of Emperor Charlemagne in converting the gothic tribes from Arianism to the Catholic faith.
The evil of abortion will end only after the people of the United States and Western Europe are converted from secularism to Christianity. We should all pray constantly for this great work of conversion. We should pray for our bishops, that the Lord may give them wisdom and strength to confront great evils and to lead people like Obama to true conversion.

Recall how Archbishop Ambrose of Milan forced Emperor Theodosius to do public pennance after he ordered the massacre of an entire town in Thessalonika. The case of Obama is different (he probably is not a true Christian), but the precedent still applies. May our bishops have the intestinal fortitude to bring about his conversion and penance.