Saturday, January 31, 2009

Catholic School Refuses to Honor Pro-Murder Speaker

As well it should.

From Catholic News Agency:

Minneapolis, Jan 31, 2009 / 03:43 pm (CNA).- A Catholic high school in Minnesota has denied honors for a state legislator who is a candidate for governor, citing his active support for “pro-choice issues.”

Holy Angels Academy in Richfield, Minnesota had considered alumnus State Rep. Paul Thissen as a nominee for its Activities Hall of Fame, which recognizes those who “through their citizenship and achievements, have brought honor to themselves, their school and the community.”

Thissen, a 1985 graduate of the school, was to accept the honor at a January ceremony, the Star Tribune reports.

However, the school’s president called Thissen days before the ceremony and asked him to withdraw his name from consideration. He refused and was told the day before the ceremony he would be stripped of the award because of his support for abortion as a state legislator of the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party."

To be pro-choice is to be pro-murder: once the mother decides to kill her child the pro-choice position immediately becomes a pro-murder position. There should never be any such person anywhere near a Catholic school.


Anonymous said...

Because I am Pro-Life, I think it is sad the abortion debate never talks about the third option people have for unwanted pregnancy. People only talk about aborting a pregnancy or raising an unwanted child. What about adoption? These women who do not want their children can give them to a deserving family who very much “wants” them.

Anonymous said...

As a Catholic, I am ashamed that my church has taken this stance.In Germany in the 1930's people were persecuted for their thoughts in much the same way.

Anonymous said...

How do you reach 84 yoa and still remain so ignorant and dishonest, Malloy?

Don't you have some alter boys to "counsel"? importance64, these are future children, not puppies to be given away to the highest bidders. Abortion is a much better idea than hit or miss adoption.