Friday, August 20, 2010

Amazing Physiological Changes Follow Judge Walker's Ruling--Homosexuals "Outraged"

Jeff Miller has the story:

Shocking result of Judge Vaughn Walker’s ruling

"(Roto Reuters) SAN FRANCISCO – More fallout continues from Judge Vaughn Walker overturning of California’s Proposition 8 on grounds that it was unconstitutional. While the legal case will continue on in the courts a surprising side effect of this ruling is starting to cause consternation among homosexuals. Increasing reports are coming in concerning a very surprising turn of events which is currently being investigated.

Judge Walker’s ruling has apparently rendered homosexual couples wanting to get married capable of marriage. The biological mechanics of how this has happened is being looked into by researchers at Northridge Hospital Medical Center. Apparently within days of this ruling multiple homosexual partners started complaining of pains suspiciously similar to morning sickness. It was apparently considered a hoax by hospital staff when CT scans revealed female reproductive organs in one of the male partners from a homosexual couple. With multiple occurrences of this being reported by hospitals throughout California it is now shown not to be a hoax, but that some males in a gay relationship had indeed developed reproductive organs that had started growing on the day of Judge Walker’s ruling. It has also been confirmed that these men were indeed suffering from morning sickness and were actually pregnant...

Some gay couples are outraged by Judge Walkers decision that rendered them capable both the unitive and procreative aspects of marriage by giving them complementary reproductive equipment against their will. Many are upset about the idea that homosexual marriage will actually mean raising children other than by adopting the offspring of heterosexuals. Joe Smether of South Bay said 'I am glad that gay activists have often united with pro-choice activists in the past so that we can get abortions to keep our marriages sterile.' Others are seeking contraceptives to render sterile once again what once was a sterile act between a homosexual couple.

Legal scholars are looking at the physical repercussions of this. While in the past and present many rulings have gone against common sense and natural biology, this is the first ruling that caused a physical change to follow the law. Observer are carefully following other rulings to see if there are any other similar effects and whether judges have evolved beyond law interpretation/activism to the more god-like powers many thought they already had."

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