Thursday, August 26, 2010

Ed Whelan Defends Marriage at Northwestern Law School

The great Ed Whelan, who has done so much to expose Judge Walker's injudicious shenanigians, will be taking part in a forum discussing same-sex "marriage" at Northwestern Law School in Chicago on September 7. There is not yet an online link for the event.

Speaking of shenanigans, last week Maggie Gallagher observed:

"Gay marriage advocates are now hoping for a technical knockout -- for the 9th Circuit to rule that the voters of California have no standing to challenge Walker's ruling. This may be a sign they understand how extreme and weak Walker's ruling actually is, how unable it is to withstand substantive review by higher courts. Ted Olson goes on TV claiming he has proved there's no possible case for opposing gay marriage. Now he's in court trying to block any higher court from reviewing his handiwork.

Does that sound like the behavior of people with an airtight logical case to you?"

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