Friday, August 27, 2010

In SF: Walk for Life: 1, Planned Parenthood: Zero

Back in 2005, the first Walk for Life West Coast took place. In response, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors (all Democrats) issued Resolution 05-0019:

"Resolution recognizing January 22, 2005 as "Stand Up For Choice Day" in honor of the 32nd anniversary of the landmark 1973 United States Supreme Court decision of Roe v. Wade establishing a woman's constitutional right to decide when and if to have a child; and further supporting the local Pro-Choice community demonstrating in San Francisco..."

The full resolution cited the Planned Parenthood abortion business a number of times.

Well, the Planned Parenthood abortion business is no longer in San Francisco. Full details of the severing of ties with their SF affiliate have not been made public, but certainly include financial mismanagement. We note that in FY2006-2007 Planned Parenthood Golden Gate's revenue was $22,345,629--40% of which comes from state funds and 16% from Medi-Cal reimbursements, which is $12,513,552 of your tax dollars.

By contrast, the Walk for Life West Coast is quite healthy. The 2010 event drew 40,000 participants, up from 7,500 in 2005 (when Fr. Malloy received the first annual Saint Gianna Molla award from founders Dolores Meehan and Eva Muntean).

Here's a great video of the 2010 Walk by the artists "Shadow of the Locust":

Mark your calendars! The next Walk for Life West Coast will be on January 22, 2011!

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