Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Thomas Sowell on Judge Walker

The great Dr. Thomas Sowell is interviewed by Peter Robinson today on "Uncommon Knowledge." He takes on Judge Walker's outrageous decision. Excerpt:

"The most important decision is always who makes the decision. The question of the role of gender is not for this judge to decide – since we’re presumably still, for the moment at least, a self-governing nation – it is for the voting public to decide. So the fact that Judge Walker feels the way he feels—wonderful! Let him vote that way in the privacy of the voting booth. But don’t let him say that this is now the law of the land."

I do believe the Congress has a duty to at least consider the impeachment of Judge Walker. The American Bar Association's "Impeachment Resources" webpage says:

"In the words of professor Jeff Atkinson of DePaul Law School, impeachment is designed 'to protect our country and our Constitution from leadership that has become a danger to the country. Phrases used by the framers of the Constitution include 'corruption,' 'abuse of power,' 'subversion of the Constitution,' and 'neglect of duty.'' In keeping with this purpose, the process and remedy are also 'political.' Our elected representatives in Congress sit in judgment, and, if convicted, the offender is removed from office and not permitted to hold office again."

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