Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Father Robert A. Sirico Discusses Subsidiarity on "Reclaiming the Culture"

Fr. Robert A. Sirico, President of the Acton Institute, is interviewed this week on "Reclaiming the Culture." Fr. Sirico discusses "The Principle of Subsidiarity and the Service of the Poor” -- a neglected aspect of Catholic social teaching.

Listen here:


Podcasts can be downloaded, too.

Other Reclaiming the Culture shows in August include:

August 17: Noted author and speaker Professor Janet Smith of Sacred Heart Major Seminary on “The Right to Privacy”

August 24: Dr. Maria Fedoryka, Professor of Philosophy at Ave Maria University, on “The Gift of Woman”


Anonymous said...

You do know, I hope, that Fr Sirico performed the first gay marriage in the USA in Denver, Colorado in 1975. HE was a protestant minister at the time, and not yet involved in economics. Want proof? A link to the archived newspaper article is below"


A Shepherd's Voice said...

Certainly, that's well known. As he admits himself, Fr. Sirico left the Church and made mistakes. But he repented and returned. Here is his response to the question:


Gibbons in SF

Anonymous said...

And so what about the "St. Philip Neri House" in Kalamazoo? Do you think it's wise for a man with such a personal history to set up a "house for men?"