Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Anything for a Vote

Too many Catholic politicians want it both ways: the Church should stay out of politics and the Church should support their key issues.

14 Catholic Democrats, who joined together to criticize Pope Benedict's statement that pro-abortion politicians should not receive Communion now urged the bishops to increase their involvement in efforts to end the war in Iraq. The letter was written by Tim Ryan, D-Ohio, for the 14 Catholic politicians.

Strange that these politicians would turn to the Church to support an end of the war in Iraq, certainly a moot moral principle at this time, and not accept a clear moral teaching of the Church regarding abortion.

There remains my quandary: Why would politicians want to be called Catholic, when they criticize the Holy Father, support abortion and then seek the help of the UCCB to promote their political agenda?

Easy answer: anything for a vote.

Bishops, don’t be used

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