Sunday, July 29, 2007

Good Book

If you are looking for a good book to strengthen your life as Catholic, I suggest you read Thomas Howard’s “On Being Catholic.” Ignatius Press, 1-800-651- 1531. (265 pgs $14.95)

It’s in paperback form and easy to read. Written by a converted fundamentalist, the sixteen chapters will enlighten you as to what “being Catholic” means. What does the Unity of the Church mean? What about the Mass, the Blessed Mother, Catholics and Freedom, etc.

Most of us cradle Catholic think we know our faith, but it is always good to rethink our position and not be enslaved by the danger of traditions lost and devotions forgotten.

Too many Catholics are confused about their faith and need a voice to help them articulate what they have had in their heart for many years but are often at a loss to put into words.

We must spread that God-given faith we have received in baptism.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Father John!

First of all, It's so nice to see you're still the feisty, gregarious, great priest that you were at OLGC in Surrey. Your blog is great! Of all the priests who could have baptized me at some point in my life, I'm so glad He picked you. I'm teaching RCIA and totally agree with you that cradle Catholics need to remember to continue to study their faith. We are fed by the Eucharist of course, but we also need to be fed by good solid books. I'm reading B16's Jesus of Nazareth, which is easier than I thought it would be, but there are many references to German theologians only (so far) and I wish there was a mite more international references. Other than that, I'm enjoying it. It will help support my own study and the RCIA that I help Keith and Monica with (in Sept.) I think I'll pick up A Shepherd's Voice as well....

Good on ya, for the Dave Matthews video. What a surprise! You never fail to surprise, Fr. John!

Blessings and prayers to you, always.

Marla Poirier (OLGC) Surrey