Saturday, July 14, 2007

What Bible are they reading from?

Posted by Gibbons:

They printed a nice picture of Fr. John in the San Francisco Chronicle today, right next to a bunch of letters attacking him for upholding Catholic teaching.

It's because of his July 7 letter to the editor, reproduced below, which was in response to this article on June 23.

Father John responds

Editor -- Your evident support of Father Rich Danyluk and the letters you selected to support him, show how poorly understood is the teaching of the Catholic Church regarding the gay lifestyle (Letters, "Father Rich,'' June 30).

Yes, Father Rich, the good news of the Gospel is for everybody. Pope Benedict XVI, Cardinal William Levada and myself, with a multitude of priests, love homosexuals.

Father Rich certainly knows the difference between sin and sinner. He and we love the sinner, we are also called, after the example of Christ Himself, to hate the sin, as clearly declared in that book which Father Rich held up for applause of his congregation.

Would the "true embodying of Jesus Christ" according to letter-writer Dennis Parks, demand that we accept perverse actions that mimic marital love and end in so many venereal diseases?

Sodomy may be legal, but for Christians it is still a sinful action.

San Francisco

Unfortunately, the nice picture does not come up on the web. We'll keep you posted!

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