Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Los Angeles has a Gay & Lesbian Film Festival going on now and ending on July 23. It showcases a five film series called “Queers in Christ.”

Some gays, especially in the media in this case, are desperate to find approval for sexual acts that are clearly condemned by Scripture and by the Catholic Church. They want to prove that God says it’s OK. Unfortunately some churchmen concur and try to change the Christian understanding of homosexuality.

The battle is on and ever more articulate and the gay lobby won’t give up. Don’t be deceived by these films, which touch the heart. Hollywood knows how to do it!

I am called intolerant and judgmental, but I insist again that homosexual inclinations are not evil, nor are the persons who experience them. I also insist that chastity has a place also in married life. To demand tolerance does not change an evil into a good. Then again, it's God's judgment that matters not mine or anyone else's.

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