Tuesday, July 24, 2007

IVF & the Wages of Sin

IVF (in vitro fertilization) is to help adults become mothers, fathers. But what about the babies? Should they not have a right to a mother and father who genetically conceived them?

I fear the sins of the fathers will be borne by the children. I do believe that the wages of sin is death. And there is a lot of “sin” connected with IVF. You cannot fool Mother Nature. You may deceive her for the time being, but as the clock ticks doom will follow.

Father John Flynn, L.C. writes an article in Zenit, JULY 23, 2007 (Zenit.org) dealing with invitro fertilization. He remarks that last year a total of 6,174 women in this age group (40 to 45) had fertility treatment, compared with just 596 in 1991. It’s frightening to think where that is going exponentially!

As demand for in vitro fertilization continues to rise, so too are concerns over the clinics and consequences for families. A leading British expert recently had harsh words for the industry, whose methods have long been criticized by the Church.

Strange situations are evolving…. The Canadian newspaper the Ottawa Citizen reported April 18 the case of Melanie Boivin, who donated some of her ova to her daughter, Flavie.The daughter, aged 7, is sterile due to a genetic condition. The article commented that if Flavie eventually decides to use the ova and becomes pregnant, she will give birth to her genetic sister and Melanie Boivin will simultaneously become mother and grandmother.

Money is no deterrent. A surrogate mother in the United States would cost a couple anything up to $50,000.

Clinics are also starting to offer treatments aimed at the homosexual community. The Los Angeles-based The Fertility Institutes has launched a program for homosexual men who want to become parents, Reuters reported March 14.

Two dads, no mom. Two moms, no dad. Pity the offspring.

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