Thursday, February 21, 2008


Political action buzz words today are “change” and “hope,” as we hear them repeated over and over. Clarion calls for a brave new world!”

Change is going to do it; hope is the answer!”

But for the life of me, I can not figure out what is being proclaimed. That seems to make no difference. The crowds at these rallies shriek approval and faint for joy. I pray we find out what we are hoping for and what changes actually will follow before Election Day.

We better pray that we get better than the leadership which looms on the horizon.But there is an antidote to the emptiness of these political rallies, and the consequences thereof.The Holy Father has expressed it often, but more recently in his Ash Wednesday words. (Quoted from Whispers in the Loggia)

Prayer, "the engine of the world" and the first weapon for winning the battle against evil, together with penance and fasting, characterize the period of Lent, which is "a providential occasion for making our hope more vibrant and firm." This is also accomplished through suffering, which opens the way to participating in the consolation of God....

Prayer, in the words of the pope, "nourishes hope, because nothing expresses the reality of God in our lives better than prayer with faith. Even in the solitude of the harshest trials, nothing and no one can prevent me from turning to the Father 'in the secret' of my heart, where He alone 'sees', as Jesus says in the Gospel (cf. Mt. 6:4,6,18)"

Lord, Save our country!

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