Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Folsom Street Fair Honored in Catholic Church

Yep, you read that right.

Just when we think we've reached the nadir, they dig deeper....

At the "Inter-Club Fund's" 42nd Annual Awards Dinner last Saturday at Most Holy Redeemer, the award for "Best Street Event--FOLSOM STREET FAIR"

And the winner of the "Entertainer of the Year"award was transvestite "Donna Sachet," shown here at a Catholic Charities CYO Fundraiser:

Sachet is on the right, above. That's open lesbian Nanette Lee Miller on the left, Treasurer and Officer of the Board of Directors at Catholic Charities CYO, who also happens to be (surprise surprise) a parishioner of Most Holy Redeemer and a Member of the Most Holy Redeeemer

Quite a little party we've got going on in this Archdiocese...

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Anonymous said...

Gross. Realistically, what is the archbishop's ability to clean house?