Friday, February 22, 2008

"The Human Experience"

Speaking of life, death, and the destiny of man, Marcel over at Aggie Catholics has seen and reviewed "The Human Experience," the new movie by Grassroots Films, makers of "Fishers of Men" and "God in the Streets of New York." We posted about this film some time back. From Marcel's review:

"The makers of this film have done us all a favor. They have made a pro-life film, without ever talking about abortion, euthanasia or other pro-life issues. It is pro-life because it is pro-human. They have made a pro-Christ film without explicitly talking about Him. This is the kind of movie that can move anyone who sees it."

Please go to his site and read the whole review. The trailer for "The Human Experience" can be viewed there as well.

h/t Curt Jester.

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