Friday, February 22, 2008

Safe Sex?

The 400 women nationwide, who have filed lawsuits against the Ortho-McNeil Pharmaceutical Co, maker of the birth control patch Ortho Evra, have learned that safe sex isn’t so safe when blood clots and other health problems result from the use of the patch.

Women, stop playing Russian roulette.


Michelle Therese said...

I was put on "the Pill" to help control my painful periods due to Endromitriosis. When I asked the doctor if there were any side-effects from the Pill she cheerfully informed me that there were not except the "very rare" cases of blood clots. So I trusted her! Hah!!! Not only did the Pill do nothing at all to help the pain, it' messed up my menstral cycle (made it weird) turned me into a total madwoman! I was so incredibly depressed and uncontrolably moody, as well as totally listless and disinterested in life. I couldn't get excited about anything! (except to get mean and nasty!) I was so depressed I'm not kidding I was becoming seriously suicidal! One of my cousins happened to tell me, "I went crazy when I was on the Pill" and thank GOD that helped me realize what was going on. I took myself off of that wretched thing and within two weeks I felt massive improvement in my depression and moodiness ~ so massive that it was blatantly obvious that the Pill is what caused it! but it still took several months for the listlessness to wear off. I was a newlywed shortly after I came off of the Pill and I won't go into detail but suffice it to say that that dull listlessness killed my you-know-what for those first months! Thankfully my dear husband knew exactly what had happened to me because of the Pill and he patiently endured "the situation" until I returned to myself. (

We women are TOTALLY lied to in regards to the Pill!! I was told a lie right to my face! I wonder how many women are failing in their marriages and in their careers because they are spiraling into depression and being nasty-moody because of the Pill?? That horrid little Pill drives women mad but the doctors lie to us and stick us on the thing and leave us to tear our lives apart! I thank God that my cousin happened to mention her reaction to the Pill or I'd probably be divorced, on Prozac and in therapy as I tried to figure out why I was so mental!

I felt so utterly betrayed by the doctors and medical community that I had been taught to trust with my very life!

The Pill? No thanks! It's a farce and a LIE. It's also very dangerous!! I take the Endromitriosis period pain and offer it up for the sin of abortion!

Anonymous said...

Hi. I can relate with the comments made by 'A Shepherd's Bush Voice..'I also have been diagnosed with Endrometreosis, (probably did not spell it right!) and I refused to take the pill.
I am in a lot of pain, the doctor suggested the Marina coil, I am not sure about this. Can anyone advise?