Friday, February 8, 2008

"Let Your Little One Live" Offers Powerful Message
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"Let Your Little One Live" Tammy Pierce
"Let Your Little One Live" Eric Smyth
Note: See copyright restrictions below
There is new pro-life country music song, "Let Your Little One Live", that humanizes the pre-born child in a very powerful way.
It was written by Eric Smyth, an aspiring singer/Nashville songwriter/dentist who resides in the Chicago area and writes inspirational, patriotic, and country songs. This song is a gift that Eric wishes to share with the Respect Life movement.
"Let Your Little One Live" brings home the reality of abortion and will help discourage people who may be contemplating it now or in the future.
It will evoke powerful emotions in people who have lost a child to abortion. These men and women are suffering greatly. It is important to support them with compassion, and assure them of God's love and mercy. Referrals to resources, such as Project Rachael, are critical to assist with healing.
The song provides encouragement to sidewalk counselors for the important work they do to save lives, and to spare men and women from the suffering and trauma that follows abortion. It is also an inspiration to every person working to change the culture, and end public policies that promote and facilitate abortion.
There are two versions of the song, one sung by Eric Smyth and the other by Tammy Pierce.
Tammy Pierce is a professional singer from Nashville, Tennessee. She started her career at 19 when she toured the world with Kenny Rogers as his duet partner. On top of developing her professional career as a solo artist, she is working with many of the top country writers in Nashville in promoting their work.
"Let Your Little One Live" Copyright2007 Eric Smyth. All rights reserved. Use, duplication or transmittal by any means is prohibited, without prior written permission. Permission can be obtained only by contacting Eric Smyth

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