Sunday, July 12, 2009

Change Is Possible

Here’s note from Focus on the Family that is sure to irritate the homosexual community:

A new report from the National Association for Research & Therapy of Homosexuality (NARTH), a group of psychologists, psychotherapists and other health care professionals, is directly challenging the central claims of the pro-gay political movement.

The entire homosexual rights movement has been built upon the politically correct idea that homosexuality is unchangeable. In addition, homosexual activists say that efforts to change unwanted same-sex attraction are damaging.

However, after reviewing more than 100 years of literature, NARTH has found that the research clearly indicates homosexuals can overcome unwanted same-sex attraction, and it is not generally harmful to do so. This new research confirms what the thousands of men and women who have left homosexuality already know: Change is possible.


Anonymous said...

YOu almost got me. I though you were talking about unbiased research. After checking out NARTH's website,, one can easily see this organization is biased and only believe in "holding therapy" to cure homosexuality.

Warren said...

A better source for information on this subject might be Courage, an apostolate of the Catholic Church, made up of people who themselves are struggling with the issue of same-sex-attraction. (SSA).

Anonymous, NARTH states:

"Attention has been given to a variety of techniques described as "holding therapy" for the treatment of unwanted homosexuality. Such techniques are not a part of the standard psychological care included in reorientation or reparative therapies.

NARTH strongly opposes the use of holding techniques by therapists and advises its members to provide psychological care in a professional, ethical manner which is consistent with the codes of ethics of the national mental health organizations and state licensing boards."

So anonymous, you almost got me there. Except you've 100% got NARTH backwards. Try again.