Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Homoactivists versus the Church: More Obvious Every Day

From today's California Catholic Daily:

Renegade Catholic Advises Priests on How to Fight the Church
Knights of Columbus Targeted

"Suspended Fresno priest turned gay activist Father Geoffrey Farrow has called for Catholic priests to retaliate against the Knights of Columbus for their support of Proposition 8....

In a post on his personal blog dated June 4, 2009 “Boycott the Knights of Columbus,” Farrow wrote: “Many priests have E-mailed me and expressed their rage and anger over the hypocrisy of the Catholic hierarchy in supporting anti-marriage equality legislation…One of the organizations, which the bishops have effectively employed to do their dirty work, has been the Knights of Columbus.”

Farrow then asked “So, what can priests do to fight the anti-gay agenda of the bishops and the K of C?”

Farrow recommended, among other things, that Catholic priests use their authority against their own parishioners:

"Father Farrow recommends that faithful parishioners be denied the proper use of parish facilities. He reminded pastors that they control the content of the weekly parish bulletin. He urged: 'Do not let the K of C publish or announce.' He encouraged pastors not to allow Knights of Columbus events to be held on church property--even if that would mean “creating” a “program” to occupy available time slots at parish facilities:

“Pastors may grant or withhold permission for organizations to use church facilities for their meetings. Most parishes have very tight facility scheduling. Create a program and tell the K of C they need to meet elsewhere.”

How could any Catholic pastor recommend such a thing? Answer: a Catholic pastor couldn't. As we have said before, discussing Most Holy Redeemer, for the homosexual activists the moral credibility of the Catholic Church is determined by the extent to which it supports, or fails to support, the celebration of homosexuality. Since the ultimate good for the homosexual activists is not the teaching of the Catholic Church but the celebration of homosexuality, it makes perfect sense for the teaching of the church to be rejected whenever there is a conflict between the two.

But Farrow goes even farther. He urges priests to embrace dishonesty and reject the proper duty of a pastor to his flock in the interest of furthering the homosexual agenda. This is only comprehensible if the celebration of homosexuality has become for Farrow the true religion. He is in fact a relgious fanatic.

The CCD story closes by reporting:

"Father Farrow is the scheduled homilist for the “Eucharistic Celebration” at the 2009 Dignity USA Convention which will be held July 2-5 in San Francisco. Other attendees are keynote speaker Richard Rodriguez, a parishioner of Most Holy Redeemer Church in San Francisco, and Fr. Donal Godfrey, SJ, the executive director of campus ministry at the University of San Francisco, who will be conducting an unspecified 'workshop.'”

Actually, Fr. Godfrey's workshop is specified on the Dignity USA website. It is called "Gays and Grays: Parish-Based Pastoral Care for GLBT People."

Posted by Gibbons J. Cooney


Anonymous said...

This priest needs help and our prayers.

Anonymous said...

Pastoral care for GLBT people is a good idea, especially in San Francisco parishes. The Courage apostolate is a great organization that helps Catholics who suffer from same-sex attraction to remain chaste.

fr jim said...

st john marie vianney pray for him!
st john marie vianney pray for me!
st john marie vianney pray for us!