Thursday, July 16, 2009

Pastor Walter Hoye in the L. A. Times

Abortion protester denies stepping over the line

"Minister challenges Oakland's 8-foot buffer zone for clinic access.
By Robin Abcarian July 16, 2009

Reporting from Oakland -- Just a few blocks off Oakland's busy Jack London Square, Walter Hoye, a soft-spoken Baptist minister, was standing outside an abortion clinic, doing his best not to get arrested.

Dressed in black and wearing his "Got Jesus?" ball cap, Hoye, 52, of Union City, Calif., held the hand-lettered sign he always brings: "God loves you and your baby. Let us help you." His black wire-rimmed sunglasses, perched halfway down his nose, gave him a faintly Hollywood air. In fact, he looked more like actor Don Cheadle than a public menace."

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h/t Quintero at L. A. Catholic

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teresa said...

Pastor Hoye has courage and is a real man. If only more Catholic priests were like him. Of course we have Fr. Corapi and Fr. Malloy!!