Sunday, July 5, 2009

More on Father Farrow, Renegade Priest

The 2009 DignityUSA Convention in San Francisco is proving to be one teaching moment after another.

On Tuesday, the California Catholic Daily ran the article "Renegade Catholic Advises Priests on How to Fight the Church." We blogged about it here. It contained this quote from Fr. Farrow's blog:

“Borrow the full amount against your Knights of Columbus life insurance policy immediately. Take the check and invest the funds with an LGBT friendly fund. Do not pay back the loan.”

Lo and behold, following the story, Fr. Farrow's blog posting was then changed to omit the sentence "Do not pay the loan back." (A sharp eyed person over at the Catholic Answers forum posted a link to the original, cached posting). Presumably, Fr. Farrow felt this left him open to liability, and removed the sentence for legal reasons. That is quite instructive. I thought that sentence was the least objectionable of Fr. Farrow's recomendations. After all, the Knights are big enough to take care of themselves. Far worse, to my way of thinking, were his recommendations regarding the manipulation of the parish bulletin and parish facilities. Those recommendations, that pastors abuse their authority in the pursuit of personal political goals, are unconscionable for a priest.

But it shows where Fr. Farrow's priorities lie. I believe the Diocese of Fresno is fortunate to have him gone.

Posted by Gibbons J. Cooney


fr jim said...

On the surface, it would appear that it would be good for the "diocese" to have Fr. gone.

In the end, it endangers his soul & gives greater scandal to the faithful.

Let us pray for this man's conversion & return to the Church that he needs more than he realizes!

Thomas said...

I would absolutely have to agree with you Fr. Jim, it seems to be for the best to have Fr. Farrow away from the church. But he should be in everybody's prayers, for he certainly needs it at the moment.