Thursday, July 16, 2009

Oscar Wilde

Jack Smith has an interesting post about a L'Osservatore Romano review of a book on Oscar Wilde.

From the review:

'The existential path which Oscar Wilde trod can also be seen as a long and difficult path toward that Promised Land, which gives us the reason for existence, a path which led him to his conversion to Catholicism, a religion which, as he once said in one of his more acute and paradoxical aphorisms, was "for saints and sinners alone — for respectable people, the Anglican Church will do".'

Jack then quotes from articles covering the review in the Daily Mail and London Times. The authors of those articles are unable to understand (or pretend to be unable to understand) how we in the Church can love and appreciate the difficulties of our fellow sinners--while still being opposed to the sin.

Jack nicely sums up their pathetically stunted view of reality:

"Literature, longing, demons, desire, truth, redemption, grace, beauty, wisdom, suffering, humor, joy, life and death - all boil down to where you stand on same-sex marriage for the very small minds in secular journalism."

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