Sunday, June 22, 2008

Good Evangelical Examples

Certainly we've all noticed the great energy and scripture knowledge many of our Evangelical converts bring to Catholicism (and, let's be honest, some of those who have not yet converted).

From Catholic News Agency:

"Austin Ruse, director of the Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute, has warned that 'Europe is almost certainly dying' because of falling birth rates, radical social policies, and the decline of marriage on the continent. Its only hope for revival, he argues, is for Europeans to again proclaim the 'lordship of Christ.'

Ruse’s comments, published on the new web site 'The Catholic Thing,' tell of his attendance at the 'Post-Christian Europe and the Resurgence of Islam”conference held earlier this month in Vienna to discuss secularism and Islam . . .

Ruse believes the reaction to one conference panel was indicative of a deeper problem. The panel, made up of Southern Baptist theologians and historians, spoke about Christendom, the history of Christian Europe, the Crusades, and other similar matters of faith. 'They quoted quite a lot from scripture. Many were offended,' Ruse says . . .

'Keep in mind that these Evangelical scholars were not sermonizing, waving their arms around, or damning anyone to hell. What they said was quite mild, yet drew anger from scholars who were otherwise puzzled as to why Europe was in decline' . . . (emphasis added).

Europe can only be saved, Ruse says, by 'more Europeans proclaiming the lordship of Jesus Christ,”'using an expression popular among Evangelicals.

Ruse praises the pious language of America and American Evangelicals, saying such language has 'kept America percolating as the most religious country in the west.'

'Catholics owe a great debt to Evangelicals for this kind of language. It may not be our language, but it is language that has protected this country from going the way of Europe,' Ruse writes."

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