Wednesday, June 25, 2008

"An LGBT Pride Service is Really Inimical to the Teachings of the Catholic Church"

It shows how far we have fallen that such a thing even needs to be said. But it does need to be said, in every diocese in the world, and God Bless Archbishop Nienstadt for his leadership!

From the Catholic News Agency

"The Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis has forbidden one of its parishes, St. Joan of Arc Church, from holding a “gay pride” prayer service because the event violates the teachings of the Church.

St. Joan of Arc Church has held the service for several years in conjunction with the Twin Cities Pride Celebration, according to the Associated Press. After discussions between the parish’s associate pastor and the archdiocese, the parish will hold a 'peace' service in its place. An announcement last week in the St. Joan of Arc parish bulletin said that a prayer service had been scheduled in the church for Wednesday at 7 p.m. 'to celebrate and give thanks for the gifts of our Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual/Transgendered community.'

'This service is part of Pride week in the Twin Cities,' the announcement continued.

Archdiocesan spokesman Dennis McGrath said that the service’s use of the descriptor 'LGBT' was 'not possible on church property . . . The reason is quite simply because it was a LGBT pride prayer service, and that is really inimical to the teachings of the Catholic Church.'. . .

According to the Associated Press, McGrath said Archbishop Nienstedt is following Catholic doctrine, adding 'the church welcomes people with same-sex attractions among its worshippers.'

'The distinction is people who fully adapt to the GLBT lifestyle are not permitted to receive the sacraments or be the subject of a prayer service that endorses that lifestyle,' McGrath said."

It's exactly what we've been objecing to for years at Most Holy Redeemer. Of course at MHR, the lunatics are in charge of the asylum.

Or right on Most Holy Redeemer's own website:

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Ryan F. Lucey said...

Thank you Father for your faithful witness to the Church's teaching. I have a sister who is involved in this lifestyle and it has been a big issue when I try with charity (although I often fail on this account) to reason with her using both the Church's teaching as well as some natural law arguments. My family thinks that I am unkind for trying to talk to her about this. Generally my sister give us two options: either to be proud of her lifestyle or keep your opinions to yourself. It seems that a Christian cannot choose either position. She lives Massachusetts and has said she intends to marry and "have children" some day. I hang onto the Church's teaching like a life raft and get a tiny taste of the cross now and again. I expect that Catholics who hold fast to the Church's teaching on homosexuality will be catching a lot of flak in the years to come.
I appreciate your comments. May God bless you for your service as a Priest in His church.

Anonymous said...

Another interesting twist to this story are the letters author Ben D. Kennedy sent rebuking St. Joan's for dishonoring the name of St. Joan of Arc. More about this can be found at: