Monday, June 30, 2008

Might as well close the Church...

. . . if we're not going to battle sin because "there's nothing we can do to stop it."

From the Washington Times:

Bishop knew of abortion plan. Told 'there was nothing he could do'

"The Roman Catholic bishop of Richmond was told that a diocesan charity planned to help a teenage foster child get an abortion in January and did not try to prevent the procedure.

Bishop Francis X. DiLorenzo "was told erroneously that everything was in place and there was nothing he could do to stop it," said Steve Neill, Bishop DiLorenzo's communications officer. "He is very apologetic about the whole episode.

"It is very awkward, it is very embarrassing. A human life was taken. He certainly has not taken it lightly in any way. He is clearly opposed to abortion."

"Awkward." "Embarassing."

And you know the Church has lost her way when attorneys speak for her:

"He was told it could not be stopped," Mr. Etherington (attorney of the diocese) said. "It was erroneous information. He didn't have to sign off on it. He was not personally involved."

"He was not personally involved." When a human life and souls are at stake. So I guess His Excellency did not even meet with the teenager in question.

h/t Southern Illinois Catholic

Posted by Gibbons J. Cooney

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Anonymous said...

Yet...Fr. Malloy it's good priests like yourself that gives us laity hope!

It's Scandalous on so many levels... from no one protecting the life of the unborn child, truly caring about the salvation of those involved, to the Holy Father's warnings being ignored!