Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Good News on AB2747!

We've just received an email from Bill May of "Catholics for the Common Good" on California Assembly Bill 2747, that contained provisions that rendered it an "Assisted Suicide" bill. The good news is that due to intense opposition, those objectionable provisions have been removed.

AB2747 Objectionable Language Removed No Need to Call Senators or Attend Hearing on Thursday 6/26.

CCG is Now Withdrawing Opposition

"In order to get enough votes to pass the Senate Health Committee, the author agreed to remove all of the objectionable language that made AB2747 a platform for assisted suicide. They removed starvation and dehydration as a medical option. They removed mention of rarely used palliative sedation that renders a patient unconscious.

This could not have happened without your phone calls that brought attention to the sinister language in the bill to State Senators. It could not have happened without the people who demonstrated in front of the State Capitol building today and expressed their opposition at the hearing."

We'll add: it could not have happened without the hard work and dedicated leadership of the folks over at Catholics for the Common Good. They work hard, but they can always use our and your help. The Culture of Death has tons of money. Catholics for the Common Good doesn't. Let's help them out if we can:

Catholics for the Common Good Donations page.

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